Trevella Park’s wildside

Trevella Park’s wildside

At Trevella we are fortunate enough to boast a diversity of ecologically important habitats including woodland, lakes, streams and hedgerows  that we maintain to encourage a diversity of native flora and fauna.

We love to share our passion for the local environment with all our visitors, which is why we have launched free Ranger Activities for all our visitors.

The ranger sessions are designed to capture children’s imagination and help them learn the skills to go out and explore their own local natural environment.

Activities include bug hunts, tree shakes, survival skills and bat walks, and we are launching an activity booklet for children to complete during their stay, so they can earn a Great Adventurer’s Certificate at the end of their break.

For the last couple of weeks Trevella has been enjoying the lovely sunny weather and it has had an amazing impact on the park and its wildlife, and as a result the park has got its familiar summer sounds of buzzing insects, twittering birds and chattering people.

We have been preparing for the new wildlife ranger activities by identifying and preparing areas of interest, ordering nets, magnifying glasses, a spy camera, binoculars and other essential materials, and trying to think of imaginative ways to entertain our ‘Trainee Rangers’ (our name for the children taking part).

Find out more about our Ranger Sessions here, and sign up for free at reception during your holiday.

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