Shark cage diving in Cornwall

Shark cage diving in Cornwall

Are you looking for a holiday with bite? Then what about shark cage diving in Cornwall?

Stay at Trevella Park near Newquay and there are several shark diving specialists located within a short drive.

This is a one in a lifetime experience to get up close with one of the most fearsome predators in the world, and it all happens in the waters off the Cornwall coast. Of course, sharks don’t come to close to the coast in Cornwall (don’t worry, swimming is perfectly safe!) so these diving trips are usually all days affairs and include a boat drip out to deeper waters.

The most common sharks seen off the Cornwall coast are Basking sharks, which are actually one of the largest species of shark, and smaller Blue Sharks  but a Great White was reported to be roaming the ways only last year, so the chance of a Jaws-style sighting can never be discounted.

When done responsibly, shark cage diving can help support shark conservation, and we urge anyone who is searching for a diving experience to check that their provider is affiliated to the Shark Conservation Society or the Shark Trust.

Good luck!

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