Our first Ranger Sessions

Our first Ranger Sessions

We have already run several Ranger taster sessions to prepare for the full launch of our Ranger Activities in August, including a bug hunt in the woods and setting small mammal traps (totally humane) to see what we could catch.

One of our intrepid trainees (our name for the children taking part) spotted a snail hastily beating a retreat from the sun, and from that moment onwards our trainees quickly started ticking off their Great Adventurer checklists.

Once in the woods the trainees manage to quickly eliminate most of the tree species of their wildlife checklists whilst we located the couple of small mammal traps set earlier in the day.  The first trap trap drew a blank (the crafty escapee had managed to drag out the bedding and the food), but the second trap had been tripped and the children were able to see a small cute furry Field Vole which they all loved.

Wild lakes

From the woods we ventured into the lakes where the trainees watched dragonflies hawking around the lakes in search of their prey, but the biggest attraction for the kids were the ducks and moorhens and a baby rabbit – all of these captured the children’s imagination brilliantly and they all wanted front row seats.

Our second ranger session of the day was very different affair for two teenage girls who had asked for a Fishing for Beginners session.

Fishing for teenagers

Both were really eager to learn how to fish even though they had never done so before, so we headed down to the lakes and found a couple of open swims on a little island.

After both girls had negotiated a nice muddy patch in flip flops (which they embraced with humour) we looked at how to set up their rods, bait the hooks with MAGGOTS (which, after a little hesitancy, they dived into) and then cast their bait (with the odd inevitable tangle!).

Both girls and dad had all caught fish within minutes of their baits hitting the water and they insisted in getting slimey hands and putting their fish back themselves!

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