Meet Trevella’s new Ranger

Meet Trevella’s new Ranger

Trevella Park’s new Ranger is Wayne Lowery, who has worked with us for sevens year. Here we find out some more about Wayne and the amazing wildlife around Trevella Park.

Q: What’s the most amazing wildlife you have seen in Cornwall?

Difficult one this is, as I have witnessed many amazing moments in the Cornish countryside, but my favourites include watching Basking Sharks at Porthcurno, seeing Dolphins ride the surf at Watergate Bay, coming face-to-face with a big Red Deer stag at Idless Woods, studying a murmation of starlings coming in to roost at Marazion Marsh, enjoying two stoats playing around Trevella lake, but I think my most memorable moment was when me and my family watched a Red Fox vixen and her cubs playing in a meadow one summers evening, just brilliant!

Q: How long have you been a wildlife fan?

I have been a wildlife fan for over 30 years.  My interest in nature started when I first took up fishing aged around 10 years old. The many hours spent around lakes and rivers brought me into contact with a lot of wildlife I had never noticed before.

Q: What Park Ranger qualifications do you have?

I studied and completed, a four-year wildlife based Plymouth university degree course at Cornwall College.

Q: What’s most exciting about being a wildlife fan at Trevella?

A couple of things excite me on a daily basis. Every day I go to work I have no idea what wildlife I will see and every year I discover a few species I had never noticed before.  But what excites me most, are the enthusiastic looks I see on the faces of children as they walk around the park and explore what wildlife Trevella has to offer.

Q: What can visitors to Trevella Park expect to see during their stay?

You can expect to see a great wealth of wildlife without trying too hard, anything from an array of flowers and insects to songbirds, rabbits, badgers and other small mammals.

Q: What tips do you have for budding wildlife enthusiasts?

Be patient, spend as much time as you can investigating outdoors and if possible take a digital camera with you and take lots of photographs to aid identification when you get home. If possible join a local wildlife group.

Q: What skills does it take to become a Park Ranger?

Knowledge and understanding of different wildlife habitats and their associated species is key to a Ranger’s job along with the ability to educate the public as to their importance.  It also helps if you don’t mind working outside in all weathers.

Q: When’s the best time to see wildlife in Cornwall?

There is great wealth of wildlife to be seen in Cornwall at any time of the year if you know where to look for it.  If you are planning a trip to Cornwall check out the local wildlife group websites for the latest information.

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