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05. Go Crabbing

05. Go Crabbing

Where: Crantock Beach

Catching crabs is great fun for children, and here’s the best way to do it.

Crabs like to hide away, so find a spot where there is plenty of cover from rocks and seaweed. All you need is string, bait and a weight heavy enough to keep the bait at the bottom. Crabs like bait such as bacon or chicken – you don’t need to buy it specially, just keep the off cuts from dinner the day before.

Attach your bait to the weighted line, then drop it into the water. Wait until you feel a pulling, then bring the line up steadily and smoothly. To help catch the crab, have a children’s fishing net on hand to bring the crab in.

If you’re handling the crab, remember that they will nip, so hold the crab by the shell on each side just behind the pincers – they can reach around to pinch you.

If you want to keep the crabs for a while, fill a bucket with sea water, a few stones and some seaweed so that they have a place to hide. Once you’ve finished, release them by the water’s edge so they can scurry sideways back into their hiding place.

Great locations for crabbing are the Gannel Estuary or Whipsiddery beach (if you don’t mind all the stairs) at low tide when the rock pools are exposed, or the harbour at Padstow.

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